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For the last few years, I have been drawing mandalas on the beach near my home in CA, joining the tradition of sand artists all over the world. I draw mandalas because their images invoke meditation, healing, and joy. These are unique pieces of artwork as no two are the same. The word mandala means “sacred circle”. It is derived from the word mandra which means “container of the essence”. It also represents our connection with everything and everyone. Drawing mandalas is very meditative and has been known to be therapeutic for children and adults suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and stress. The process of creating artwork inside the circle can help silence a person’s inner critic and induce a calm meditative state. 

Mandalas are also symbols of one of Buddhism’s core teachings: life’s impermanence. While sand creates the canvas for these creations, the ocean represents the constant change of life.  When the ocean washes away the sand art, it reminds us that nothing lasts… neither good nor bad.   This helps me to be present in the moment, express gratitude, and most of all to celebrate today’s day; it is the ONLY day; it the BEST day.

My service now also includes personalized mandalas. The mandala art can be a keepsake or simply to honor someone’s existence. This gift can also bring hope to those who are suffering or struggling in life. 

Contact me for details on how you can order a personalized mandala.

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Mandala Sand Art Sunset.jpeg
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Mandala Sand Art RZM.jpeg
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