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Meet Zen Bon JPC

Celebrate Today's Day.

It is the ONLY day.

It is the BEST day!


Hi! I’m Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre Cole. But most people call me Zen Bon JPC or just JPC-- I like to keep things simple. I was mentored for over 10 years by a Buddhist monk and ordained in 2012. My foundation comes from the practice and lineage of the Ngagpa tradition of Tibetan spiritual legacies.


My whole life I have always been a questioner and a seeker.  This journey began in childhood. I was diagnosed with bi-polar depression. I suffered from depression, ADHD, anxiety and fought through struggles and challenges daily; ultimately my mental health challenges led me to suicidal ideation. I was lost but I had just enough in me to make it through the day, followed by one more day, and another day… eventually I found that life presents many lessons to learn and grow. Fortunately, there were people who I’ve encountered along the way who knowingly and unknowingly taught me how to live. From that I was able to cultivate a life, not a perfect one, but one worth living.


I served in the U.S. Navy and National Guard, then became a police officer working in some of our most at-risk neighborhoods.  I joined the police to serve people in marginalized communities, but soon realized that the heaviness and violence was detrimental to my pre-existing mental illness.  So, I transitioned to supporting others in a different way.  I built several non-profits serving those who struggle with mental illness and acute life crises.


Not many people find their way from the military and police to a Buddhist monastery!  But I knew that I needed to make a drastic change if I was going to survive.  Working with my mentor and studying the philosophy of Buddhism, I saw my path heading towards calmness, peace, and quietness.  This drastically improved my mental health and eventually I was able to stop taking medication.  At first, I thought the rest of my days could be spent living and meditating in a community of other monks. However, I realized that my story and experiences – as a person of color, as someone who has suffered mental illness, as a member of a marginalized community-- were unique and that I have a calling to help people who might not consider this path for healing.  


I call myself the Rogue Zen Monk because I walk my own path, and many people say I don’t sound like a typical wellness guru! 


My mission now is to create space for others to be seen, heard, and enable them to cultivate their path. I serve as a guide to help seek a way of living life with fluidity and balance, of course with smiles and laughter along the way. What I am saying is we are only human, and we are here for a relatively short time, so we can’t take everything too seriously.

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