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Hi! I’m Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre Cole. But most people call me Zen Bon JPC or just JPC-- I like to keep things simple. I was mentored for over 10 years by a Buddhist monk and ordained in 2012. My foundation comes from the practice and lineage of the Ngagpa tradition of Tibetan spiritual legacies.


My whole life I have always been a questioner and a seeker.


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"Seven Attempts 17,000 Thoughts: Suicidal to Survivor, A Man's Journey to Save Himself” is Zen Bon JPC's early memoir.

This book brings some insight to depression, suicidal ideation and awareness to the frontline. It bridges the gap between those who want to understand and those who are struggling. It lets the reader know they are not alone.

Click on the book to obtain a copy via Amazon.


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